Most Beautiful Escape Games On The Web
Since October 2013 we've been making small point 'n click adventures for the web. These are bite sized experiences which a lot of people know us by and wait for every new release. We do our best to make each game special and more interesting than the last.
You can click on each game and try it out!

Firefighter Escape

Cleopatra's Escape

Rock 'n' Roll Escape

Old City Escape

Vineyard Escape

Escape from the Catacombs

King's Escape

Catastrophe Escape

Hacker's Escape

Alpinist Escape

Gangster's Escape

Alexandria Escape

History Museum Escape

Nautilus Escape

Viking's Escape

Crusader's Escape

Outlaw's Escape

Polar Escape

Blackbeard's Escape

Evil Genius Escape

Bear Escape

Magician's Escape